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race timing

run nebraska offers chip-timed solutions for races of any size, covering any terrain anywhere in Eastern Nebraska. 


Our mission is to create a cost-effective timing solution for today's Race Directors that allows you to focus on organizing your race.  Here what our partner Race Directors have had to say!


We offer professional timing services, utilizing Innovative Timing Solutions' timing system. Using their high-performance RFID chip reader, run nebraska is able to time races with up to 10,000 participants with pinpoint precision.

race management

Who the hell wants all the responsibility and work of running a race?

WE DO!!!

We offer race consultations all the way up to complete management of a race. Let us know how we can help you today!

race photography

run nebraska can provide photography of your event, capturing great moments ranging from pre-race preparations to post-race festivities.  We'll try to catch every memorable moment; good and bad.  If someone's puking after the race, you can bet we'll have it.  Our photographer doesn't believe in being stationary, so they will be at various points on the course with their fancy-schmancy camera to get awesome action shots of your runners.

We have now upgraded our cameraman to include first-person video! Capturing all the good, bad, and ugly moments of the race. ALSO...we may have added a drone to the old arsenal. This baby allows us to capture gorgeous shots of your race by providing stunning aerial footage!

At run nebraska, we don't believe in complicated packages, or raking you over the coals for your digital images. We offer one package, that includes all images; standard...especially the puking ones.

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