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So I'm kinda freaking the %$#@ out.

13 days until the Brookings Marathon. The one and only time I've run a marathon was a complete disaster: 75 degrees at the start and not much shade. So, like any normal person who's completely obsessed with every little freaking detail, I've been checking the 2 week forecast at least twice per day to see what I'm up against weather-wise, thinking about what I'll eat the night before in a new place and stressing about every little detail like I do with everything in life.

My training has gone well this marathon cycle. I've literally completed every single training run on my plan except for one. The one I missed was a 10 mile run at marathon pace during peak mileage week because I was hungover. Oops. I'm human. We all do dumb things. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

This training cycle was a little short - only 10 weeks. Plus, I smashed my "adult" PR in the 5k in January during that base-building phase, so I figured I was off to a good start. I jumped right into things right after my winter base-building phase, so I had a pretty decent level of fitness.

Some stats from this cycle:

  • Three 20+ mile runs

  • Peak long run of 21 miles

  • Peak mileage week of 60 miles

  • Only 1 training run missed

  • A royal shitload of burpees done

I'm still not 100% sure what my goal is for this race. And I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. I have a time I'd like to run, but I really don't know if it's too slow or too aggressive. Had Mother Nature not been such a douche in September, I'd at least have one legit marathon effort under my belt that I could use as a barometer. But she sucks.

In any case, today is my last long-ish run (17 miles). I get to run it late afternoon in the heat and wind of lovely Fremont. Oddly enough, I'm at a point where I'm not really stressed about a 17 mile run at a relatively easy pace.

But the Brookings Marathon in 13 days? Well, I'm kinda freaking the %$#@ out about it.

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