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The First Ever run nebraska Holiday Running Gift Guide for Runners Who Like to Run!

The holidays are upon us and, with that, comes gift-giving and receiving. Are you hard to shop for like some people we know? Or do you know someone who has everything? Don't fret! We've come up with a list of some great ideas for you and your loved ones - and they're not all run nebraska gear (shamelessly, we think our stuff is pretty awesome, though)!

Mercury Mile

Mercury Mile ( hand-selects a box of running gear and apparel for you based upon your (or your loved one's) preferences. Simply select your size and color preferences, and they build a box of stuff for you that shows up on your doorstep! The great thing about what they do is that they mix it up - you don't just get the same basic things that you see on every store shelf. They'll put time into putting together a really sweet collection of items. Don't like some of it? No worries! Send it back and you're only charged for what you keep! This is a great way to try out some new items and learn about some of the great running brands that tend to fly under the radar.

Goodr Sunglasses

I'll admit that I'm a founding member of Team Cheapass. But you don't have to stress abouit price with Goodr ( These polarized sunglasses come in tons of colors and will only set you back $25. Want a larger pair? They've got you covered with their BFG or Beast lines (those babies will only cost you $35). These high-quality shades are made to not slip or bounce and look good on or off the trail.

PRO Compression socks

Whether you wear compression socks for function or simply for warmth on a stupid Winter day like today, PRO Compression (www.procompression) has a buttload of options for everyone. Their lines include regular or extra-cushioned socks, over-the-calf or crew length socks, as well as arm sleeves. While compression socks can set you back a pretty penny (usually $50+ for a good pair), PRO Compression runs lots of promos throughout the year, so there are ways to stock up and save. Plus, they have a grab bag option which allows you to try random colors and patterns! Their quality is solid and, more importantly, they stand behind their products for damage and defects. Need a good gift idea? Look no further!

Aftershokz Headphones (or is it "Headphonez"?)

Many love listening to music, an audiobook or a good podcast while running. But stuffing earbuds inside your ears cuts down on what you can hear going on around you. Plus, there's all the ear gunk to clean off of them (nasty). Luckily, Aftershokz ( makes headphones that go OUTSIDE your ears and use bone conduction technology to provide great sound quality while also allowing you to have some good awareness.

Of course, if you're still having trouble thinking of great gift options, there's always the run nebraska merch ( to throw on your holiday list. And, who knows? Maybe we'll have a deal or two going on during the Thanksgiving weekend!

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