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Stranger things

First off, I 1,000% recommend the Netflix series "Stranger Things". Secondly, this post isn't about the show. It's about the new things you encounter while exploring a new place.

We just got back from a little vacation in Oklahoma City. Like many obsessed runners, I didn't want to skip my runs or workouts while down there. Running in new places has always been really fun for me. It's a way to explore a new city outside of a car and at speeds lower than 35 mph. For me, running in a strange place is a little invigorating for a few reasons:

1. You get to see a whole bunch of new crap.

I live in Fremont. There are 25, 178 people in this city (as of the last census), which means that it's not very big. I log 1,500+ miles per year, with the majority of them being around the 'Mont. As a result, I see the same things over and over and over again when I'm hoofing it around town. Running in a new place, though, is completely different. Whether it's a dominant style of regional residential architecture, or a really scenic part of town or even the color of the dirt (Oklahoma has red dirt, which blew our minds), different keeps the mind wandering and oftentimes takes the pressure off of a run.

2. You run the risk of getting lost.

No one likes to get lost but, hey, shit happens. Being in a new place gives you this feeling of wanderlust and frees you to make decisions like "This street looks cool - I'll turn here." Or, "Hey, there's a river. Maybe I'll run alongside that." When you're in your local element, you know what's where and where it leads. Not knowing what's around the corner, or that there's a big hill coming up, or whether you're in Blood or Crip territory is pretty exciting.

3. You get to take some sweet-ass pictures.

Admission: I hate taking pictures. I rarely do it and I didn't take a single pic of OKC when I was running. But, most people aren't like me and enjoy the occasional photo op. See a cool tree? Boom! Instagram that shit. Run past an awesome mansion? Click. You've now got a Facebook memory next year.

So, next time you're in a new place, log some miles. Check out some new places. Go get lost and enjoy yourself. Just make sure you're not wearing red on Crip turf.

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